Helper is an open source project (Eclipse Public License v1.0) hosted at sourceforge.net


The objective of the Helper project is to create a framework that will integrate different types of personal information (including temporal and spatial information).
Helper will allow data obtained from different sources (including web services) to be added to unified information space of the user.
While impementing functionality of Helper we try to apply existing standards and ontolgies (DCMI vocabularies in resources plugin, foaf and vcard in community plugin, xCal in planning plugin, etc).


  • Personal information and contacts list editing.
    • Export your personal data to FOAF/RDF format.
    • Import data from other people FOAF/RDF files (both from local file and from URL).
    • Maintain groups list.
  • Resource annotations.
    • Three types of resources: Resource, Non Digital Resource and Image.
    • Picture Preview for Images.
    • Folders hierarchy.
    • Edit resource properties (by using properties from vocabularies and ontologies).
    • Send resources to del.icio.us, retrieve resources from del.icio.us.
  • Blogging with Helper.
    • Helper allows to have unlimited number of personal blogs.
    • View your blog structure as a tree.
    • Use default or custom CSS style for your blogs appearance.
    • Send your blog entries to Livejournal.com.
    • Get blog entries from Livejournal.com, edit your blog entries at Livejournal.com by means of Helper.
  • Associate your data items with tags and navigate your data in Social Bookmarking manner.
  • Create your categories hierarchy and arrange your data items in categories.
  • Export all your data to OWL file.